About Tourism New Zealand

Our Vision

Our mission is to motivate our target market to come now, do more and come back.  We aim to achieve this by:
  • Targeting visitors who will grow the value of inbound visitor business to New Zealand
  • Develop the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign so it establishes New Zealand as the ultimate destination for our target market
  • Focus on our relationship with international distribution channels so we meet the needs of our target market even better
  • Manage systems in New Zealand to influence the quality of the visitor experience

Our Role

Tourism New Zealand is an international marketing agency. We market Destination New Zealand to 12 countries around the world through over 160 staff in 15 offices.
Our offshore offices focus on managing our relationship with the travel trade by:
  • Organising travel and trade events
  • Networking with media
  • Providing information about New Zealand
  • Providing training
  • Providing day to day marketing support for key partners in each of our key markets
Our Wellington based trade marketing team look after the needs of the travel trade who sell New Zealand by:
Tourism New Zealand recognises the value of working with the industry to maximise the effectiveness of its marketing activity. We’re keen to work with our international partners to really target our visitor markets.  Visit Tourism New Zealand’s corporate website to find out more about our operational structure and governance.