Hot new kayak tour explores Rotorua’s Waimangu Volcanic Valley 

Discover the story of the famed Pink and White Terraces and paddle into the geothermal wonders of Waimangu Volcanic Valley.

Waimangu Volcanic Valley
One of Rotorua’s oldest tourism attractions has joined one of its newest tourism operators to launch a unique new experience - the Steaming Cliffs kayak tour at Waimangu Volcanic Valley.  

The guided experience takes visitors on to the waters of Lake Rotomahana, revealing some of its deepest volcanic secrets from steaming cliffs to the history of the lost wonders of the Pink and White Terraces, and the eruption that buried the terraces and created the lake. 

Dominated by Mt Tarawera and the lake, the spectacular landscape is a photographer’s dream destination of colourful geothermal features. The world’s youngest geothermal system is renowned for its spectacular volcanic craters, enormous hot water springs, rare and unusual plant life, micro-biology and birdlife. Along with that, there are the dramatic stories of the 1886 Mt Tarawera volcanic eruption, the people, and the resulting landscape changes that created this magnificent park.

Your clients will explore the beauty of Lake Rotomahana, while enjoying a close up on steaming cliffs and other geothermal activity such as fumeroles and geysers. While in the park, they will also have the chance to visit the Frying Pan crater lake, Inferno Crater and the world’s largest hot spring.

The fully guided three-hour tour is suitable for soft adventure seekers, families (children from 4 years old), and anyone who can paddle a canoe for a short distance with no experience required. The purpose-built inflatable kayaks are very stable and can accommodate two adults plus a child. 

The Steaming Cliffs Kayak Tour was developed in partnership with Paddle Board Rotorua and, for the moment, features two daily departures. It is limited to eight participants per tour guide. There is an optional return shuttle service between Rotorua and Waimangu Valley.

Paddle Board Rotorua guide Nev Wilson believes it is set to become “the best daytime kayak trip in Rotorua”. 

“I don’t believe you can have the same experience anywhere else in the world. Being at eye-level with geothermal activity leaves me in awe and, from my first kayak on Lake Rotomahana, I have been blown away by the sights. Witnessing the earth breathing with the water is simply surreal.”

Waimangu Volcanic Valley general manager David Blackmore said the new trip was developed in collaboration with Paddle Board Rotorua “to offer Kiwis and international audiences, when they return, a longer and more meaningful tourism experience.”

“The fact that it’s the location of the Pink and White Terraces strikes a chord with our visitors, but the fact that Lake Rotomahana features so much more geothermal activity than all the other lakes is what takes the breath away,” Blackmore said.

The latest product is a complement to existing products available at Waimangu, such as the walk and cruise half-day geothermal experience, the arts trail and Waimangu Local Store and Café, making Waimangu Volcanic Valley a must-see destination for visitors to Rotorua and Taupo areas.

Paddle Board Rotorua also offers evening tours kayaking and paddle boarding into glowworm caverns.

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