Simone Paepke

Simone Paepke

Simone works for STA Travel in Heidelberg and is the perfect person for trips that get off the beaten track. 

Whether it's backpacking, adventure travel or round-the-world trips to unusual destinations, she has a wealth of insider tips for her clients and inspires them with the stories she can tell thanks to her extensive travel experience.


Simone's Highlights

​The hospitality is abundant in New Zealand.

For me, this was particularly noticeable when it came to food. Whenever I am the only one eating something different in a group, I notice it, because normally I have to explain something, but in New Zealand, I was offered a vegan alternative for every single meal, without giving me the feeling that I was getting special treatment or extra work. I appreciated this very much.

I was amazed at how many different activities there are in New Zealand.

The nature is so beautiful that the islands do not actually need to attract visitors with extra activities. For me, this is also a sign of good hospitality, because it gives the feeling that everything is done to allow the guest a great trip, to have fun and to enjoy their time completely.

I would recommend anyone to spend at least part of the trip with a guide.

On my first trip to New Zealand, we were traveling on our own. The opportunity to get to know the country through the eyes of our local guides this time around was something special for me. You get to see a completely different side to the country and get a much more intense insight into the culture.

Simone's Top 10 Experiences

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