Kristi Marcelle

Kristi Marcelle

Kristi specializes in family and luxury travel with Ciao Bambino. Today Kristi is a highly sought after travel advisor, specializing in creating custom itineraries that help families discover the world together. She enjoys molding immersive itineraries that balance history and cultural learning with soft adventure and culinary experiences. 


Kristi's thoughts on New Zealand

Visitors to New Zealand Feel Like Personal Guests Rather Than Tourists 

The feeling of hospitality or Manaakitanga, is an integral part of the culture and visitors are embraced in the same tradition.  

Family Owned Businesses Provide a Foundation of Local Experiences Throughout the Country 

Kiwis want to share their country and culture with travelers. Experiences with a local guide or small business create a personal connection that lasts long after the trip is over. 

New Zealand is an Adventurer’s Playground 

At every turn, the landscapes and scenery unfold to showcase outdoor pursuits and culinary delights.   

Kristi's Top 10 Experiences

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