Chris Leary

Chris Leary

Chris has been a part of the Gold Medal team for over 10 years with 5 of those spent making recommendations for New Zealand product. Having travelled to New Zealand for 3 weeks in 2015, with his highlight being a visit to Hobbiton, Chris was been eager to return knowing there was so much more to experience.


Chris' Top Tips:

“You can not pick this experience up and put it in another country” 

By this I mean that the experiences are not just made up by what you do on them, but also by the people providing them, thus you would not get the same experience should you do this elsewhere.

“Do not try and squeeze the whole country into one stay” 

There is so much to do whilst in New Zealand, if you are out for 1-2 weeks and try and  get round the whole country, you will manage it, but you will miss a lot out, so would be best suited to staying on one island.

“New Zealand is a great country to visit whatever the weather”

I had the good fortune of seeing the Abel Tasman National Park in 2 extremes of weather, from overcast and raining one day, to clear skies and sunshine the next.  The park looked like it had transformed overnight, however was beautiful for different reasons on both days.

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Chris' Top 10 Experiences

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