Do you sell New Zealand as part of your business?  We offer training options to help your business do even better.

We’ve got the best tools for the trade. Our training:

  • Increases your knowledge of New Zealand
  • Shows you how to convert information into sales
  • Helps you use your learning to motivate clients

Travel sellers all over the world do our programmes.  Why?  Because they’re right for their market, wherever that is.  Take a look at what we offer:

  • Trade Training Seminars
    Face to face seminars and road shows.  Check out Events for what’s happening right now in your market
  • Kiwi Link
    Our flagship training and product development event is held approximately every 18-24 months.  It’s a great mix of individual and group presentations in a number of our markets. You'll find out first hand from operators and Regional Tourism Organsations (RTOs) about their regions and products.  Check out Events to find out when Kiwi Link is next in your market. 
  • In-house Training
    Want us to come to you?  Contact your local Tourism New Zealand office to see if a trainer can take a seminar at your place.
  • Live Online Training 
    Log in to a live webinar training session with other travel sellers from the comfort of your own office.  They cover everything from broad overviews to specific product themes.  Keep an eye on Events to see when the next one will be held.

Check out our training tools:

We offer tailored content for your location