We understand the importance of catering to the unique travel styles of your different clients. If there's one country in the world that can satisfy the holiday desires of everyone, it's New Zealand.

New Zealand's diversity allows for so many different activities and experiences. We've collated some of them here in categories, to help you with putting together your itineraries for clients. Is their focus on a cultural experience? Are they looking for luxury? Perhaps it's a golfing holiday? Or is this one all about the kids? Whatever they're looking for, we've got it sorted.

Have a look at some ideas.    


Themed Holidays

  • Cycling

    If your clients are keen to get out and see the best of New Zealand's beautiful and varied scenery, they should think about jumping on a bike. This country is well-suited to being viewed from the saddle.

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  • Premium (Luxury)
    Premium (Luxury)

    Luxury takes many forms in New Zealand. Clients can tailor their holiday to suit their needs, whether enjoying some pampering, tucking themselves away in a secluded paradise or packing in loads of adventurous activities.

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  • Youth

    Whether working and staying for months or backpacking through the country, New Zealand offers flexible options to suit younger clients.

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  • Skiing

    With 27 ski fields across the country, clients keen on skiing or snowboarding will be in paradise. New Zealand’s mountains offer world-class skiing coupled with views to match.

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  • Māori

    Māori are the indigenous people of New Zealand, and with this comes a long line of traditional practices that your clients can experience also.

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  • Wildlife

    Living amongst New Zealand's natural beauty is a diverse range of wildlife, not least native species such as the rare kiwi. Clients can experience it all, with a multitude of different wildlife on display within short distances of each other.

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  • Cruise

    With 13 key ports across the country, clients can hop off the cruise when they like, go exploring, then hop back on at one of the next stops. Flexibility is theirs to enjoy on a cruise of New Zealand.

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  • Food and Wine
    Food and Wine

    New Zealand is a foodie's paradise, with plenty of fresh produce, local meats and cheeses and a variety of dining experiences to be had – from the gourmet to the street market.

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