RailBike adventures begin pedalling into the Forgotten World

The visitor industry in the central North Island is set to surge once again with the introduction of the country’s first tandem RailBike experience.

Operating along what is arguably known as New Zealand’s most scenic decommissioned railway; Forgotten World Adventures has added the RailBike product to its already impressive list of seasonal rail based adventures using converted golf carts, also known as RailCarts.
Made in New Zealand, the RailBikes, which travel at an average speed of around 16km/h, feature two comfortable side by side seats, four composite plastic wheels with suspension along with independent pedalling, gearing and disc braking. 

The six hour RailBike adventure operates between Tokirima and New Zealand's only self-proclaimed republic, Whangamomona, before continuing over bridges and through the hand-dug tunnels in the isolated and unspoilt wilderness of the Tangarakau Scenic Reserve.

Cycling tours on the Rail Bikes will commence in October 2015.

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