Hobbit Costume Trail for Middle of Middle-earth

A trail of Dwarves, Elves, a Hobbit and a Wizard will offer Middle-earth fans a rare opportunity to see the artistry behind The Hobbit Trilogy up close in Wellington this summer.

Selection of costumes from The Middle of Middle-earth Costume Trail. Photo: Positively Wellington Tourism
To celebrate the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and thank the Middle of Middle-earth for its support over the past 15 years, Sir Peter Jackson is lending more than 20 costumes and props created by 3 foot 7 and Weta Workshop for The Middle of Middle-earth Costume Trail.
Positively Wellington Tourism Chief Executive David Perks says the trail across 15 locations will launch to coincide with the opening of The Battle of the Five Armies in New Zealand cinemas on 11 December, and remain in the city until the end of February.
Half a million guest nights are spent in Wellington across the summer period.
“It’s very special for locals and visitors to get this opportunity to see the incredible artistry involved in making these films in Wellington, and to see up close the detail and technique that goes into these amazing costume creations.” Mr Perks says.
Matt Dravitzki of Wingnut Films says the costumes on display will be ones featured in the films themselves, rather than replicas.  
“These costumes are a big part of how we tell the on-screen story of Bilbo, Thorin, Legolas, Bard and the others. In each of them you see not just their culture, but the character’s individual history and personality. From the depth of conception to the skill of execution, they are truly works of art in their own right, and we’re delighted that the public will have a chance to explore them at close range here in Wellington.”
Film tourism is no longer just about locations, Mr Perks says.
“Visitors flying into Wellington Airport are greeted by Gollum reaching out to catch a fish, Gandalf flying atop a giant eagle and Smaug breathing smoke; these are some of the most photographed attractions in the country.”
Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown says the world-class creativity on display is a reflection of the city’s strengths.
“3 foot 7 and Weta Workshop are quintessentially Wellington innovation teams who create and explore new ways of doing things every day. The imagination of these people underlines Wellington’s credentials as a smart, creative capital.”
The Middle of Middle-earth Costume Trail will open on December 11 across various locations, including Te Papa, Embassy Theatre, Roxy Cinema, Kirkcaldie & Stains, Wellington i-SITE Visitor Centre and Wellington Airport.
Visitors can get more details and pick up a trail map from the Wellington i-SITE in Civic Square and at MiddleofMiddle-earth.com from 11 December.

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