Great Lake Taupo releases innovative bike trail video guides

Great Lake Taupo have released a comprehensive new suite of informative bike trail video guides.

Lions Walk Bike Trail. Photo: Destination Great Lake Taupo
The project is the brain child of Destination Great Lake Taupo (DGLT), and is the result of close collaboration between DGLT, DOC, Bike Taupo and a number of tourism operators who have a direct involvement with the use of the trails.
Bike Taupo Chairman, Rowan Sapsford, said, “These videos are a fantastic tool that showcase the amazing bike trails in and around the area. I think we’ve set a benchmark for other regions to follow here, both in the standard of our trails and also how we tell the world about them.”
The collateral is a great asset to promote cycling holidays in New Zealand, particularly in the Taupo region. The prime piece of collateral is a video guide for each trail presented by Sarah Ulmer – New Zealand Cycleways ambassador and former Olympic cyclist. Each video contains sufficient information for novice riders through to experts to determine which trail is best for them and their riding party.
The videos are further supported with images, text descriptions, maps and track profiles that will be available for anyone to utilize and publish free of charge. The nine videos cover the following trails:
  • Lions Walk
  • Rotary Ride
  • Tongariro River Trail
  • Five sections of the Great Lake Trail (Waihaha, Waihora, Orakau, K2K and W2K)
  • Tree Trunk Gorge
DGLT Sales and Marketing Manager, Zelia Horrell, said, “We see this as the completion of stage one of the project and in the coming months plan to release more interactive content as well as additional trails.”

Visit to watch the videos and learn more about each trail.

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