Do you know how to sell New Zealand as a great place? If not, we do. We’ve got the training. All you need is the time.

We know you’re busy. That’s why we offer training that gets results. Our training modules will help you get the knowledge you need to sell New Zealand with confidence.

Complete 10 training modules and we’ll email you a certificate of achievement. You’ll be inspired to come back every two years and resit the training modules. It’s a great way to stay confident about selling New Zealand and to keep your knowledge of New Zealand current.

Want to get started? Simply set up an account. It’s free, and you can also ensure you stay informed by signing up to our Trade newsletter. If you’ve already got an account just log in, check what training modules you’ve done and what else you need to do.

Why complete the online modules?

Our online training modules will benefit both you and your clients by:

  • Boosting your knowledge of New Zealand’s regions so you can create appealing itineraries
  • Letting you discover what makes New Zealand special so you can sell it as a great destination with total confidence
  • Giving you added credibility as a New Zealand specialist in your market
  • Starting you on the first step of your journey to become a 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist

If you’re a New Zealander employed in an i-SITE Visitor Centre you can also benefit from our training. When you complete 10 modules we’ll send you a certificate to acknowledge your hard work and success.

How to complete the online training modules

Step OneCreate an Account

  • Click Register to fill in your details
  • Reply to our automatic email to confirm your address.
  • Stop our emails from ending up as spam

Step Two – Complete the Modules

  • Go to training modules for a full list
  • Start with ‘Welcome to New Zealand’ for the best introduction
  • Work through each module
  • Allow 30-40 minutes per module. You can stop and start at any time

Step Three – Sit the Test

  • Each module ends with a final assessment test. Get 85% or more and you’ve passed
  • If you don’t pass the first time have another go whenever you’re ready
Si eres de México y deseas tener acceso a nuestros módulos de capacitación online y tornarse un 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist, por favor, clic aquí para acceder a nuestros módulos en Español.